In 2021, this holiday begins at sunset on June 4.

The following congregations will be livestreaming a Shavuot morning service on Monday, May 17.

In American Jewish society a joke has emerged over the past decades that supposedly summarizes all Jewish holidays: “They tried ...

In 2021, this holiday begins at sunset on May 16.

One of my favorite traditions around Shavuot is the reading of the Book of Ruth. To me, it always jumps ...

One sliver lining of quarantine has been spending quality time with my Japanese father and Israeli mother.

Join MJL for a night of live online Torah study beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern on May 28.

We love this floral scent and taste.

...and what I learned from two days of delays

The Jewish people accepted the Torah in fear of God's overwhelming power. Ruth accepted it out of love and loyalty.