Parashat Chayei Sara

Opening the Gaps in Patriarchy

How Rebecca helped empower women.

Haftarah for Chayei Sara

In David's weakest moment, his throne becomes vulnerable.

Praying in the Fields

For Isaac, praying in nature was a crucial element of worshipping the Divine.

Rereading Hagar

Some want to read Hagar back into the story, giving her character new subtleties and possibilities.

Was Abraham’s Second Wife Really Hagar?

None of the commentaries questioned the legitimacy of the relationship between Abraham and Keturah.

Memories of Mother

After Sarah's death, Isaac sees his mother live on in the values and person of his wife, Rebecca.

Sarah and the Akedah

A mother's response to the near-death of her son

A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Isaac and Rebecca serve as a paradigm for Jewish marriage, and yet, their relationship is more complex than it may appear.

Parashat Chayei Sara: Summary

Following the death of Sara, Abraham purchases a burial plot and sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac.

Sarah’s Legacy

The greatest tributes to Sarah's life were the achievements and character of her son Isaac.