Parashat Chayei Sara

Chayei Sarah: The Reverberations of Familial Violence

The lingering trauma of Isaac’s near-sacrifice is felt in his relationship with his wife Rebecca and in the generations that follow.

Abraham’s Blended Family

The relationship between Sarah and Hagar — and their two sons — is more complicated than you think.

The Miracle in Sarah’s Tent

How the matriarchs' homes resembled and inspired the Temple.

Inside Rebecca and Isaac’s Marriage

Why does Rebecca end up deceiving her husband?

Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Even Isaac and Ishmael were able to set aside their distance and differences to focus on what united them.

Honoring Parents

We must teach our children how to honor parents properly.

Choosing to Do Chores

Chayei Sara: A resource for families.

Living A Full Life

The deaths of Abraham and Sarah.

Parashat Chayei Sarah Quiz

Test your knowledge of this Torah portion.

Opening the Gaps in Patriarchy

How Rebecca helped empower women.