Rabbi Wolpe’s Musings

Weekly musings about Jewish texts and thoughts from Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple.

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

Foolish Advice

Kids have an important job.

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

How We See Others

Practicing a vision of merit in others can change us.

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

Aspiration and Restraint

The Bible seeks to guide us to live well, but is animated by a belief in something greater than this world.

A Remarkable Interpretation

How did Joseph know the riddle of the baker's dream?

Show Me The Money?

Wealth is not only an opportunity but an obstacle.

With Open Eyes

The Torah comes along to help us see more clearly, to open our eyes.

To Learn and to Labor

Which is better? To study Torah or engage in a wordly occupation?

The Curious Commandment

How can you command someone not to covet?

In Defense of Sacrifices 

A vegetarian rabbi's perspective on an ancient Jewish practice.

What’s in a Name?

God reveals the divine name to Moses, who never repeats it to the Israelites.

The Prayer of Natural Beauty

Judaism contains blessings for seeing beautiful mountains, the ocean, a rainbow, and other natural sights.


Jewish learning is more accessible than ever — but will people take the time to pursue it?

The Talmud on Mental Health

“Sticks and stones may break my bones” is a questionable bromide.

The Plain Pine Box

How the rabbis democratized death.