Rabbi Wolpe’s Musings

Weekly musings about Jewish texts and thoughts from Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple.

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

Hatred’s Door

Are we numb to the rise in global antisemitism?

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

Building a Life

What Judaism says about finding your purpose.

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

Love: What Would You Give?

Jewish tradition teaches that love is not just about what you feel, it's about what you do.

Your Own Two Feet

God helps those who help themselves.

To Hold With Open Arms

Life is so precious — and we are so careless with it.

Passover and Real Freedom

True freedom is about the ability to fulfill one’s potential.

We Were Poets — and Were Young

How Judaism preserves the past and looks to the future.

Solidarity of Grief

When a Jewish person dies, the whole Jewish people has suffered a loss.

A Hundred Times a Day

Each blessing is an opportunity to marvel at the world.

A New Strategy

Judaism offers a peaceful and effective strategy to resolve conflict in modern times.

Purim Masks

Sometimes it is by dressing as someone else that we reveal our truest selves.

Windows to the Soul

Why the Talmud teaches that we should pray in a room with windows.

Kindness and Closeness

Are you kind to people you barely know? How much more so, Judaism teaches, should we be kind to those we see every day.