Rabbi Wolpe’s Musings

Weekly musings about Jewish texts and thoughts from Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple.

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

What Our Adversaries Teach 

Judaism teaches us to learn from our enemies.

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

How We See Others

Practicing a vision of merit in others can change us.

Rabbi Wolpe's Musings

Aspiration and Restraint

The Bible seeks to guide us to live well, but is animated by a belief in something greater than this world.

A Final Musing, With Thanks

After 30 years, Rabbi David Wolpe shares his final column.

Thoughts and Prayers

Don't be confused about the function of Jewish prayer.

Poets and Armies

I spent my junior year of college at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. There I studied English and Scottish ...

75 Years of Home

On Israel's 75th birthday, reflections on the Jewish concept of home.

Old and Young

Jewish time is not linear.

The Telling

Story-telling is essential to Passover — and Jewish tradition.

In Every Generation

From the villages of Eastern Europe comes an old, classic joke. Shmuel comes in the door with a sad face, telling ...

A Remarkable Interpretation

How did Joseph know the riddle of the baker's dream?

Foolish Advice

Kids have an important job.

Show Me The Money?

Wealth is not only an opportunity but an obstacle.