Jewish Texts

Rabbi Yose

Early teacher of Jewish law and theology.

Rabbinic Synods

Rabbinic conventions can--following specific guidelines--amend Jewish law.

Symbolism in the Bible

Jewish literature is rife with allegory and metaphor.


Sufi ideas found their way into Jewish mystical literature through Bahya Ibn Pakudah and the Kabbalist Isaac of Acre.


Jews and Christians read their own ideas about authority into this ancient legislative institution.


Since the destruction of the Temples, Jews have struggled with the enduring meaning and legacy of the sacrificial rites.


Rabbinic responses to questions of Jewish law enrich the body of halachic literature.

The Red Heifer

A purification ritual using the ashes of a cow.

Rav and Samuel

Early Amoraim engaged in respectful debate.

Menahem Meiri

This medieval talmudist's religious tolerance was ahead of his time.

The Nishmat Prayer

A thanksgiving hymn recited on Sabbath and holidays.

Moses Hayyim Luzzato

An Italian rabbi, poet and teacher of Kabbalah who claimed to be the Messiah.