Prayer Services

What To Expect At Synagogue Services on Saturday Morning

A guide for bar/bat mitzvah guests and other newcomers to Sabbath worship.

Kabbalat Shabbat

What happens during the Friday night prayer service.

What Is the Haftarah, and Why Do We Read It?

Each Torah portion is paired with a passage from the Prophets.

Entering a Synagogue

Tips for the novice shul-goer.

The Synagogue

The synagogue is a Jewish prayer center led by a rabbi.

Ask the Expert: Sunday Services

Are there any Reform temples that still have their main service on Sunday?

Physical Movement in Jewish Prayer

An overview of when to stand, sit or sway — and why.

The New Rabbi

The changing role of the pulpit rabbi in America.

What Is A Bimah?

The focal point of the synagogue sanctuary.

D’var Torah Dos and Don’ts

Factor your audience's expectations and the limits of their patience into your presentation about the Torah portion.

God’s Nostalgia

At the end of Sukkot, rejoicing to prove a point

A Guide to Yom Kippur Prayers

The Day of Atonement contains more services than any other observance in Judaism.