What Is A Gabbai?

Gabbai (pl. gabbaim) is an Aramaic word that means tax collector, but today a gabbai is someone who assists with the reading of the Torah.

Personal Prayer

A Jewish woman prays from the heart.

Women’s Tefillah Movement

How Orthodox women found a halakhic way to be involved in services.

Kaddish is a Mystery

The essence of Kaddish may be less in the meaning of the words than in the experience of reciting it with other Jews.

Hebrew is the Language of Hebrew Thoughts

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Blessings for Shabbat & Holidays

Texts, translations and transliterations.

Prayer as Polemic

Statements of belief through the ages.

Siddur: Jewish Prayer Book

Is the siddur a holy text or crib notes for a conversation with God?


The formal call to worship in morning and evening services.


Confessing your sins every day, twice a day, for the rest of your life.


Talmudic discussion of the liturgical use of Psalms 113-118 focuses on how the Psalms incorporate gratitude for God's past acts of salvation and confidence in God's future redemption of Israel.

Why Do Some Jews Sway in Prayer?

Also known as shuckling, this movement is particularly common in Hasidic worship.