Keeping Kosher

Kashering (Making Kosher)

How to make your kitchen kosher.

Glatt Kosher

The name for this particular practice has come to stand for more stringent kashrut standards in general.

Shopping for Kosher Food

How and where to purchase kosher products.

Kosher Animals

Most of the rules about meat, including the ban on pork, are stipulated in the Torah.

Kashrut: History and Development

Rabbinic Judaism elaborated a series of practices for putting the biblical restrictions into practice.

Vegetarianism: An Alternative Kashrut

The author argues that our evolving religious sensibilities should bring us to recognize vegetarianism as a new mitzvah.

Kashrut Themes and Theology

Jewish dietary laws, the origins of which are in biblical law, have a variety of explanations within the Bible itself, and those explanations have themselves been the subject of multiple interpretations.

Kashrut 101

Jewish dietary laws are observed in varying degrees among Jewish families and individuals.

Ask the Expert: Fins and Scales

How can you be sure a fish is kosher?

Ask the Expert: Meat and Fish

Why do some people avoid eating meat and fish together?

How Coca-Cola Became Kosher

While the iconic soft drink has been on the market since 1886, only since 1935 has it been certified kosher, including for Passover.