Rachel Scheinerman

Rachel Scheinerman is the editor of My Jewish Learning. She holds an MA in Scripture & Interpretation from Harvard Divinity School and a PhD in Rabbinic Literature from Yale University.

Articles by Rachel Scheinerman

Yevamot 42

Deformed like a sandal fish.

Yevamot 30

Why do I need this mishnah?

Why Jews Read the Song of Songs on Passover

Song of Songs is an erotic poem that compares young love to gazelles frolicking in the field. So why is it read on the holiday of liberation?

Yevamot 9

No brain in his head.

Yevamot 2

Welcome to Tractate Yevamot.

Chagigah 27

Walking through fire.

Chagigah 14

Four who enter pardes.

Chagigah 13

Watch out for the electrum.