Rachel Scheinerman

Rachel Scheinerman is the editor of My Jewish Learning. She holds an MA in Scripture & Interpretation from Harvard Divinity School and a PhD in Rabbinic Literature from Yale University.

Articles by Rachel Scheinerman

Megillah 32

Learning through song.

Megillah 2

Welcome to Tractate Megillah.

Wisdom Is a Woman

The Book of Proverbs wants us all to pursue wisdom. But what is that exactly?

Taanit 31

Dancing to the end of Tractate Taanit.

Taanit 23

Honi the Circle Drawer.

“All Is Vanity!” How to Understand Ecclesiastes’ Famous Lament

The King James version of the Bible made this phrase familiar, but few understand its full import.

Taanit 10

The rules of the road.

Talmudic Curses and Insults

Before there was Shakespeare, there were some angry rabbis.