Rachel Scheinerman

Rachel Scheinerman is the editor of My Jewish Learning. She holds an MA in Scripture & Interpretation from Harvard Divinity School and a PhD in Rabbinic Literature from Yale University.

Articles by Rachel Scheinerman

Parashat Metzora: Healing From the Mysterious and Incomprehensible

This week’s Torah portion, Parashat Metzorah, is primarily concerned with a peculiar biblical affliction called tzaraat (tzah-RAH-at). Commonly mistranslated as ...

Why Passover Is Important

Commemorating the foundational event in Jewish history makes Jews who they are.

Bava Metzia 13

The paper it's printed on.

Bava Metzia 6

Renting to a robber.

Bava Metzia 5

That shepherd ate my sheep.

Bava Metzia 2

Welcome to Tractate Bava Metzia.

Bava Kamma 119

Bava Kamma draws to a close.

Bava Kamma 111

Restoring the thief’s honor.

Bava Kamma 110

24 gifts for the priests.

Bava Kamma 109

Can the thief forgive himself?