Rabbi David Wolpe

David Wolpe is the rabbi of Temple Sinai in Los Angeles and the author of several books on Jewish belief. Follow him on Twitter @rabbiwolpe.

Articles by Rabbi David Wolpe

How to Feel Bad About Yourself

Too much self-satisfaction is dangerous.


Does God know our innermost thoughts?

Invisible Footsteps

Sometimes we know things not by their presence, but by their effects. In building the periodic table, Medeleyev filled in gaps based on ...

White Lies

In Judaism, the value of peace can override the value of honesty.

Turning Away

Like the angels poised above the ark in the Temple, we can choose to face one another.

At Home in Torah

Judaism's sacred texts are a refuge and a place to grow.

Your Own Two Feet

God helps those who help themselves.

Hatred’s Door

Are we numb to the rise in global antisemitism?

Building a Life

What Judaism says about finding your purpose.

Love: What Would You Give?

Jewish tradition teaches that love is not just about what you feel, it's about what you do.