Rabbi David Wolpe

David Wolpe is the rabbi of Temple Sinai in Los Angeles and the author of several books on Jewish belief. Follow him on Twitter @rabbiwolpe.

Articles by Rabbi David Wolpe

Windows to the Soul

Why the Talmud teaches that we should pray in a room with windows.

Kindness and Closeness

Are you kind to people you barely know? How much more so, Judaism teaches, should we be kind to those we see every day.

Is God Listening?

Prayer remains vital to our religious experience, even if God doesn't swoop down to remove tumors.

Speaking to God

Prayer means learning how to speak with God

Why Jews Put Stones on Graves

Although the custom of placing them on a grave probably draws upon pagan customs, the stones also symbolize the permanence of memory.

Outer Faith and Inner Faith

Relating to a silent God.

How to Talk to Your Kids About God

Most young children have some concept of God. It is important to respond to their questions with sophistication and honesty.

Did God Write the Bible?

Evidence indicates that the Bible, in the form we have it, is a human document, but that does not mean it is not sacred.