Illustration by Mollie Suss.

Five Romantic Quotes from Song of Songs

Looking for a way to express your love biblically? Look no further than Song of Songs.

Song of Songs — also known as Shir HaShirim — is a biblical book that is narrated by two lovers and is chanted in many synagogues on Passover. Some Sephardic and Hasidic Jews also have the custom to recite Song of Songs each Friday night, since Shabbat serves as a renewal of loving vows between God and the Jewish people.

Song of Songs is full of erotic metaphors, some of which sound like they were written by Shakespeare. In other cases, the “pick-up lines” sound quaint to our ears. The book’s most famous line is “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,” (Song of Songs 2:16) and is often incorporated into ketubahs, wedding rings, home décor and more.

Below are five e-cards featuring some of our favorite lines from Song of Songs.

Design and illustrations by Mollie Suss.

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