Becoming Yourself

Listen to your inner angel.

Have we grown into the person we were meant to be? Have we realized our potential or betrayed it?

The story is told of the renowned scholar, Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, that when young he was an indifferent student. One day he decided to abandon his studies and go to a trade school instead. He announced his decision to his parents, who reluctantly acquiesced. 

That night the young man had a dream. In it he saw an angel holding a stack of beautiful books. “Whose books are those?” he asked the angel. “They are yours,” was the answer, “if you have the courage to write them.” The dream changed the young man’s life, and Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin was on his way to discover who he was meant to become. Perhaps if we listen to our inner angels, we can do the same.

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