14 Decorative Dreidels You Can Buy on Amazon

Doesn't matter which letters they land on, all of these dreidels are winners.

Looking for elegant Hanukkah judaica to give as a gift, or to enjoy yourself? Already have too many menorahs? An art dreidel makes a perfect present and can be enjoyed year-round. Here are several beautiful dreidels currently available on Amazon:


Beautiful fused glass dreidel

Mesmerizing whether it’s spinning or not.


Enamel Accentuated Dreidel

We’re not sure which we love more — the dreidel or the stand!


Laser Cut Pomegranate Dreidel

Pomegranates are often associated with Rosh Hashanah, but why not make them a part of Hanukkah?


Mah Jongg Dreidel

Ever wondered how the Chinese game Mah Jongg became a Jewish hit? Found out here!


Sparkly, Vintage-Inspired Dreidel

We’re not sure if you should spin this gorgeous dreidel or wear it!


Nursery Dreidel

Perfect for baby’s first Hanukkah.


I had a little dreidel, I made it out of clay…

Polymer clay, that is.


Modern Art Glass Dreidel

Simple and elegant.


Jerusalem of Gold Dreidel

Love Jerusalem? This is the dreidel for you.



Seven Species Wooden Dreidel

By renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel.


Jewish-Star Shaped Dreidel

This one is just so lovely.


The Dreidel was the Original Fidget Spinner

Also comes in pink and silver.


Elegant Modern Silver Dreidel

Not sure which we love more, the sleek, cool dreidel or the warm wooden stand.

One More Yair Emanuel Dreidel

Because we couldn’t help ourselves.

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