18 Items to Make This Passover Different From All Others

From seder plates and Passover treats to jumping frogs and Haggadahs, step up your seder game this year.

Setting the seder table is about more than putting silverware in the correct place. Do you have a Haggadah for each guest? What will you use as a seder plate, Kiddush cup and matzah tray? Do you have a matzah cover? Do you have any interactive aspects that can bring the Haggadah to life for kids and adults alike?

Whether you’re hosting your first seder or looking to refresh a longstanding tradition, My Jewish Learning’s staff offers our recommendations for the perfect items to create a memorable and meaningful Passover gathering this year.

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Abby, Associate Editor

I enjoy using a different Haggadah each year, especially ones that can connect the Exodus story to other times in Jewish history. Originally written in Judeo-Arabic, the Hitler Haggadah chronicles the Exodus-like experience of Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian Jews during the Holocaust. 

In my home, any Jewish holiday is a perfectly valid excuse to buy beautiful new Judaica. Bring a touch of Central Europe to your seder with this dreamy Hungarian-style Kiddush cup + candle set or this porcelain seder plate, which comes with a dainty matching matzah stand.

Amy, Digital Marketing Manager

A Passover tradition in my house always includes our favorite chocolate “lollycones” for dessert. At a seder with kids, we always like to infuse a little fun and silliness with these jumping frogs.

Becky, VP of Audience & Digital Strategy

In the aftermath of last summer’s “Barbie” movie mania, I gifted several friends Midrash Manicures’ splendid Barbie-themed challah cover, and given what a hit it was, I know the Barbie-themed Afikomen bag will be equally beloved.

Bonus: My Jewish Learning readers can get 20% off all Midrash Manicures purchases with the code MJL20.

Ben, Managing Editor

When I was a kid, our Jewish day school always held a Passover candy sale as a fundraiser, and when flipping open the catalog of (insanely overpriced) sweets, I was invariably drawn to a rainbow of half-moon gelatinous sugar-coated “fruit” slices. I’m not sure I ever actually liked these, but I begged for them every year.

It’s a silly trope that every year, the number of Haggadahs proliferates, but it’s an accurate one. One of my favorites from recent years is the New American Haggadah, edited by Jonathan Safran Foer. And if you’re interested in the OG American Haggadah, Arthur Waskow’s classic Freedom Seder never goes out of style.

Rachel, Editor

Looking to feel more inspired this Passover? Check out the beautiful essays in Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sack’s Haggadah commentary.

I’m also a fan of these frog napkin rings as a cute way to make your table feel even more special for Passover.

Mara, Education & Partnership Manager

There’s no better way to begin Passover than with a new favorite pillow to take to the Seder table. I’m feeling floral this year:

Tea is more fun, and more on theme when it comes in a pyramid. These green teas also have a nice kick of caffeine to help you stay awake for the seder and to counteract the less-fun effects of matzah.

I’m always a bit sad when the seders are over. Whether you count the omer every year or are just learning about this practice now, this beautiful omer counter will help you enjoy this special part of the Jewish calendar.

Mira, Online Learning Coordinator

This year, I hope to make homemade matzah with my friends. We’re going to grind the wheatberries ourselves! One of my friends shared that in Iran, his family would make matzah at home…so this year I’m putting the DIY in dayenu.

Are you like me? Do you constantly wipe your hands on your pants without thinking? Get an apron for all of the Passover cooking you have to do this year!

Bonus Recommendation: The Kveller Haggadah

The Kveller Haggadah is for curious kids — and their grown-ups.

The Passover seder shouldn’t feel like a long to-do list — it’s an adventure!

Designed to guide families through an epic journey from slavery to freedom, we go deep into Jewish traditions in a kid-friendly way, yet we don’t overlook the dramatic tensions of the Passover story. Our friends at Kveller created the Kveller Haggadah to promote curiosity, even when there are no easy answers.

Don’t miss your chance to make this year’s seder meaningful, inspiring, and even a little bit weird.

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