Parashat Pinchas

What Makes a Family?

The Torah offers several models of familial connection that depart from the standard model.

Meet the Torah’s Bold Band of Status Quo-Challenging Sisters

 In this busy portion, the daughters of Zelophehad succeed in staking claim their father’s land — sort of.

Challah for Parashat Pinchas

The laws of inheritance.

Standing Up for One Self

Pinchas: A resource for families.

The Daughters of Zelophehad: Power and Uniqueness

Zelophehad's daughters call to us to take hold of life with our own hands.

Parashat Pinchas Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Dispossession of Women’s Land

The audacity of the request of Zelophehad's daughters.

Heroic or Sinful?

Zealous acts are not always heroic.

Sustenance from the Source

City living can cause social fragmentation and environmental degradation.

Land Distribution — Then and Now

As Jews, we must express our religious imperative to ensure equal access to land.