Afterlife and the Messiah 101

Judaism isn't entirely clear on what happens after we die.


Is There a Jewish Afterlife?

Judaism is famously ambiguous about what happens when we die.

Who is the Messiah?

Jewish sources have not, as a general rule, focused attention on the specific personal qualities of the Messiah.

The World to Come

It's an individual Jew's ultimate reward, but the nature of the World to Come has always been disputed.

Jewish Messianism

The belief in a messiah, a person who will redeem the people Israel and usher in a more perfect era, is often considered one of Judaism's defining characteristics.

Jewish Resurrection of the Dead

When and how will the dead will be brought back to life?

What Judaism Says About Reincarnation

Though some Jewish thinkers vigorously rejected the notion of reincarnation, kabbalists embraced it enthusiastically.

Afterlife & Messiah Quiz

How much do you know about Judaism and the afterlife?

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The Messianic Concept in Reform Judaism

The Reform Movement's changing conception of the Messiah.

The Messianic Age in Judaism

Jewish text offers glimpses into the time of the Messiah.

Mystical Messianism

Scholars debate the relationship between catastrophe, Jewish mysticism, and messianic fervor.

Gog and Magog

Leader and nation who will battle Jews before the coming of the Messiah.