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How to Find Jewish Resources Near You

Directories for locating synagogues and other Jewish institutions in your area.

Whether you are looking for a synagogue, Jewish community centers or other ways to connect to Judaism in real life, here are several directories that can assist you in your search.

Jewish Organizations

Jewish Federation Finder 
A Jewish federation is the central Jewish philanthropy in most communities, raising and allocating funds for a wide range of programs and agencies. Most Jewish federations can help you locate other Jewish institutions, such as schools, summer camps, social service providers, synagogues and senior homes in your community. Many can also help you find Jewish businesses, such as kosher restaurants and Jewish funeral homes, in your area.

Jewish Community Center Finder 
Jewish community centers, often referred to as JCCs or as “Jewish Ys” offer a range of facilities, classes and programs. They welcome non-Jewish, as well as Jewish, members.

Jewish Publications
In most cities with a sizable Jewish populations, at least one local Jewish newspaper is published weekly or monthly. For national or international Jewish news, we recommend you visit our partner site JTA. Note that this directory, maintained by the American Jewish Press Association, does not contain contact information and also lists the names of local Jewish freelance journalists.


To learn more about the various denominations, also known as streams or movements, of Judaism, read our Guide to Jewish Denominations.

Chabad-Lubavitch Directory 
Chabad, a Hasidic group that emphasizes outreach to Jews of all backgrounds, operates Jewish institutions in more locations around the world than any other single organization. Its local representatives (known as shluchim, or emissaries) often help tourists and other visitors find kosher food and hospitality for Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Find a Reform Congregation
Directory of synagogues affiliated with the Reform movement.

Find a Conservative Congregation
Directory of synagogues affiliated with the Conservative movement.

Find an Orthodox (non-Chabad) Congregation and Mikveh
Directory of synagogues and mikvehs (also known as mikve’ot) affiliated with the Orthodox Union.

Find a Reconstructionist Congregation
Directory of synagogues affiliated with the Reconstructionist movement.

Find a Secular Humanistic Jewish Community
Directory of groups affiliated with the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

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