How to Learn Hebrew

A guide to online courses, tools and programs for adult students.

Israel History

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and the Making of Modern Hebrew

The Lithuania-born visionary turned an ancient language into a spoken one.


Common Prayer Words

50 of the most frequent Hebrew words that appear in the siddur.

Guide to Jewish Food Terms

Commonly used words and phrases for "noshers" and "fressers."

Hebrew Literature in Translation: A Reader’s Guide

You don't have to know Hebrew to enjoy some of Israel's best books.

Hebrew Words

Some basic Hebrew words for a beginner.

Praying in Hebrew

Sometimes not understanding the words can actually enhance the experience of prayer.

7 Things You Should Know About Hebrew

The Jewish people's traditional language has a storied past.

Languages 101

Language and land are intricately connected. What happens, then, when a people has no land of its own?

What “Mazel Tov” Means

Hebrew words of celebration and congratulation.

Ashkenazi and Sephardic Hebrew

You say "Shabbes," and I say "Shabbat."

Shalom: Peace in Hebrew

Along with truth and justice, peace is among the most hallowed Jewish values.

The Vitality of the Hebrew Language

What are the secrets of its survival?

The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet

Jewish mystics found Divinity in the Hebrew letters.

The Revival of Hebrew

The Hebrew language was re-embraced by proponents of the Jewish enlightenment, then fully reborn in Palestine.