Tisha B’Av

What We Need This Tisha B’Av: Respectful Disagreement

The world is in chaos. An airplane with more than 300 people shot down over Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of ...

The Nine Days

As of yesterday, Monday July 28th, we Jews have begun “The Nine Days.” You may not know what I’m talking ...

Mothers and Daughters in Shul

I was sitting in synagogue beside a beautiful, ornate, wood carved mechitzah when I saw something I had never noticed ...

Tisha B’Av 2014

Everything you need to know about Tisha B'Av 2014.

What I can’t stop thinking about this week.

This week, we have heard endless blatheration on what Trayvon Martin should have done, whether Zimmerman was legally culpable, whether ...

This is real and you are completely unprepared!

This is real and you are completely unprepared! What? Just the thought strikes panic in my heart. I like to ...

Haftarah for Ki Tetze

Israel, likened to a barren woman, is promised countless children.

Haftarah for Vaethanan

Finally, some words of comfort for Jerusalem and its people.

Fasting From a Functional Perspective

Recovering the benefits of denial.

Shabbat Hazon & Shabbat Nahamu

The Sabbaths before and after Tisha B'Av provide a message of comfort and consolation.

Destruction As Punishment

Tradition gives a separate reason for the fall of each Temple.

Personal & Communal Observances

The customs and rituals all relate to mourning practices.