Why Study Torah?

Torah Study 101

An end in itself, another way of worshiping God.

Rewards for Learning Torah

Studying Torah is valued by Jewish tradition as one of the most important activities for both children and adults.

Reading and Studying

Studying Jewish texts is an act of communal identification and communication.

How to Study Torah

In Jewish practice, Torah study often takes on a ritualized role similar to that of prayer.

How to Write a Dvar Torah

Preparing a D'var Torah

How to begin writing some words of Torah.

Dos and Donts

Factor your audience's expectations and the limits of their patience into your presentation.

Seven Approaches

Thinking of your d'var Torah as an example of a standard form can help you plan what to say.

Hermeneutics (Drash)

A method for learning Torah, developed by the rabbis of the Talmud.

Debate and Conversation

Conversation & Debate

Arguing is the Jewish national sport.

Valuing Debate

Jewish tradition prefers to promote discussion rather than correctness.

Disputes that Unite

A lesson from the Talmud for today's Jewish community.

Havruta Learning in Pairs

A modern emphasis on peer-guided text study reflects new social realities.


Both internal and external books have been banned from Judaism throughout history.