Going Back to the Future in Judaism

Last week it was back to the future day. Thirty years since the first movie came out, and 26 years since “Back to the Future II” when Marty and the Doc arrived on October 21, 2015, it has been both nostalgic to re-watch the movies, and fun to see what predictions came to be and which are still fantasy. Last week also happened to be the week in the annual cycle of Torah reading that we read parsha Lech L’cha, which means ‘Go Forth’ — how appropriate!

Posted on October 28, 2015

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Jerks and Quirks

The people in our lives can sometimes surprise us. “Why did she say that?”  “Who would do that?”  “What was he thinking?”  These are questions that come to mind when our expectations of what someone might do or say are challenged, or when someone says or does things that run contrary to what we ourselves might do or say.

Posted on October 27, 2015

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

As an irrepressible, even relentless, optimist, I hold great hope for Jewish life in America. I wonder if that is because I fell in love with Judaism as an adult. It is true that I carry no terrible memories of Hebrew school as many do — nor resentment born of feelings of outright rejection by non-Jews or Jews. At the same time, having been raised in a secular home, I had no lovely memories of Passover seders or singing in the glowing light of an heirloom Hanukkah menorah, sitting with my bubbe [grandmother] in shul, or seeing my parents involved with their faith tradition.

Posted on October 23, 2015

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