Looking in the Mirror

There is an old tale of a man who was searching for the finest archer and came upon a barn covered with painted targets. In the center of each rested an arrow – dead-center. The incredulous man asked how such perfection could be achieved. The barn owner let loose a shot – the arrow flew crazily – and landed well outside any of the targets. The fellow grabbed a brush and bucket – and painted a perfect circle around the arrow.

Posted on July 31, 2015

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What Tisha B’Av Can Learn From Ramadan

Muslims and Jews at Prayer at Before Iftar, July 2015

I did not fast during Ramadan. But I did somehow experience a little bit of the meaning of the Muslim holy month that just ended a few days ago. The ebb and flow of the fast days was in my consciousness. The daily hunger and the spiritual uplift of the faithful were on my mind. I learned a tiny bit about the meaning of this month, about being conditioned through the fast to feel empathy for the poor who don’t have enough to eat. When the muezzin called just after the sun went down each day, I listened and thought of the parched throats praying and then easing their thirst and hunger. And although I did not fast, I participated in many iftar/break-fast meals with my Muslim friends. My neighbors became a little bit a part of me, and I became a little bit a part of them.

Posted on July 24, 2015

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