The Nosher

FREE STUFF: Breaking Matzo Cap, Apron, and Coffee Table Book

We know how much you love to cook. It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and you’re already…

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Rabbis Without Borders

It’s Thanksgiving, But What if One Doesn’t Feel Thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving. Now, let’s get real: Some don’t feel thankful today. We might feel like the turkeys got us…

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The Nosher

Ramen Latkes with Sriracha Mayo

Living in LA is like a foodie Wonderland. On almost every corner in almost every neighborhood,…

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Parshat Vayeshev

Annual Cycle: Genesis 37:1 - 40:23

Triennial Cycle: Genesis 39:1 - 40:23

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jelly donuts


Try making your own Hanukkah doughnuts this year!

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Jewish Food Quiz

Before you stuff yourself with latkes, test your knowledge of Jewish food.

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