Rabbis Without Borders

Going Back Isn’t an Option

It seems that we have entered a new era. Taking in the news, it seems to…

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JOFA's Torch

Revitalizing Women’s Tefillah Groups

As a Modern Orthodox high school student at Ramaz, I find meaning in women’s tefillah (prayer) services.…

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Proud to Share My Mizrachi Heritage

It is interesting to grow up in an old world family with new world ideas. My…

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Weekly Torah Portion

Parshat Toldot

Annual Cycle: Genesis 25:19 - 28:9

Triennial Cycle: Genesis 25:19-26:22

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Syrian Lentil soup

Syrian Lentil Soup

This soup is tasty enough that, like Esau in this week's Torah portion, you might sell your birthright for it!

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Jewish Literature Quiz

Test your knowledge of significant Jewish books and writers.

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