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Sharing Jewish Journeys: A Simple & Sweet Shavuot Program

Two years ago at the ISJL Education Conference, there was a wonderful program about diversity and…

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Rabbis Without Borders

Your Jewish Future: Investing Is for More than Just Your Stock Portfolio

The American Jewish community is getting older. There is a graying of the Jewish community that…

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Rabbis Without Borders

The Wilderness of Sinai

Bamidbar is my daughter Elena’s bat mitzvah portion. As she was approaching bat mitzvah, fifteen years…

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Weekly Torah Portion

Parashat Naso

Annual Cycle: Numbers 4:21 - 7:89

Triennial Cycle: Numbers 5:11 - 6:27

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This signature Israeli egg and tomato dish is easy to make and delicious to eat.

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Jewish Languages Quiz

How much do you know about the languages that Jews spoke in the past and continue to speak today?

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