Rabbis Without Borders

The Three Teachers Who Made Me the Rabbi I Am

Rabbis are rabbis in no small part by the work they do, pastoral, ritual, social justice,…

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Southern & Jewish

A Shout-Out to Shavuot

If you ask me, Shavuot doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Judaism has a lot of…

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The Nosher

Obscure Yiddish Food Makes Appearance in National Spelling Bee

Last night’s spelling bee has everyone asking, what is chremslach? This tricky Yiddish word for a flat, fried…

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Weekly Torah Portion

Parshat B'hukotai

Annual Cycle: Leviticus 26:3-27:34

Triennial Cycle: Leviticus 27:1-27:34

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Yerushalmi Kugel

In honor of Jerusalem Day, why not try this Jerusalem kugel?

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Modern Holidays Quiz

How much do you know about modern holidays like Jerusalem Day?

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