Southern & Jewish

Southern Jewish Snapchats: Shira’s Geo-Journey

With the Labor Day holiday weekend approaching, some of you might be about to embark on…

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Rabbis Without Borders

The Waters of Noah: Ten Years After Katrina

There was no ark and no one chosen to survive the flood that devastated New Orleans…

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The Nosher

37 Vegetarian Recipes for the High Holidays

Holidays are all about the brisket and chicken soup, right? Well, the Jewish holidays can also…

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Parshat Ki Tavo

Annual Cycle: Deuteronomy 26:1 - 29:8

Triennial Cycle: Deuteronomy 26:12 - 28:6

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Pomegranate Chicken

Not sure what to serve for Rosh Hashanah? This dish incorporates pomegranate, one of many traditional Jewish New Year ingredients.

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Jewish Business Ethics Quiz

Before Labor Day, test your knowledge about Jewish ethics in the workplace.

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