Parashat Vezot Haberakhah

(And This Is The Blessing)

Deuteronomy 33:1 - 34:12

Joshua 1:1 - 1:18

In this Torah portion, Moses gives the tribes of Israel a final blessing and dies at the age of 120. The Children of Israel mourn and begin to follow Joshua, their new leader.


Bringing The Cycle To An End

The end of the fall holiday season looks forward to redemption.

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If Not Now, When?

Rashi understands Moses' final words to the people as an expression of Hillel's philosophy of self-examination.

The Divine Kiss

Despite God's refusal to allow Moses to enter the land of Israel, God gives Moses a gentle death and a loving burial.

More Than Meets The Eye

Moses serves as a model of how we can transcend our personal limitations and fears.