Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

Michael Strassfeld is the rabbi of the Society for the Advancement of Judaism, a Reconstructionist synagogue in Manhattan, co-author of <i>The First Jewish Catalog</i>, <i>The Second Jewish Catalog</i>, <i>A Night of Questions: A Passover Haggadah</i>, and author of <i>The Jewish Holidays: A Guide and Commentary</i>.

Articles by Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

Making Sex Holy

Jewish tradition embraces love and sex as part of the human drive for holiness.

Prayer as a Way of Being

Beyond services and synagogue, the challenge of living a prayerful life

What Is A Mensch?

On being a mensch — an upstanding member of society — and leading an ethical life.

Judaism and Stealing: What if it’s only a tiny theft?

The ways we justify theft cannot free us of its corrupting influence.

A Spiritual Shabbat Orientation

How to achieve that extra measure of soulfulness that marks the Sabbath.

Food Blessings

I have to eat in holiness and purity, because I am doing God's will by eating.

Work as a Jewish Spiritual Practice

Texts that address the issue of Jewish work.

Avodah: Vocation, Calling, Service

More than just means to make money, our jobs can be one vehicle for setting the world right.

The Spirituality of Caring for Our Bodies

We may need to work on our spiritual health in order to ensure our physical health.

Guide to the Synagogue Sanctuary, From Ark to Yad

An introduction to the parts that make up a synagogue sanctuary.