Gifts of the Wilderness

Why is the desert so central to the Jewish spiritual journey?

Covenant of Peace

We all have the capacity to see each other as worthy and cherish each other’s uniqueness.

Talking to Rocks

Thriving in a free society requires different skills than surviving the wilderness.

Humble Power 

When harnessed responsibly, power has the potential to create a more just and compassionate world.

Hearing Plant Songs

What would it mean if we could hear what the plants are saying?

Unfinished Endings

Unresolved conclusions are quintessentially Jewish.

The Afterglow of Revelation

In the wake of Shavuot, we might ask ourselves: What have we been tending that we are now harvesting?

Going All In

Studying to the point of exhaustion on Shavuot has a deeper purpose.

The Jews: A Fantasy

Perhaps the Jewish people are the embodied principle of life itself, a distillation of humanity evolving toward that which it is not yet?  

The Pursuit of Purity

Ancient rules regarding priestly purity offer guidance for moments when weighing different kinds of needs against each other proves difficult.