Going All In

Studying to the point of exhaustion on Shavuot has a deeper purpose.

The Jews: A Fantasy

Perhaps the Jewish people are the embodied principle of life itself, a distillation of humanity evolving toward that which it is not yet?  

The Pursuit of Purity

Ancient rules regarding priestly purity offer guidance for moments when weighing different kinds of needs against each other proves difficult.

Under A Rest

Allowing oneself to be overcome by the exquisiteness of a moment is harder than it seems. Shabbat can help.

Stuck between Passover and Shavuot

Shavuot is not just the culmination of Passover, but also its subversion.

Walk the Walk

Truly great leadership requires a correspondence between an individual’s inner and outer lives.

The Paradox of Passover

Why is the festival of freedom also the holiday with the most rules?

Open Door Policy

Only when we open our doors to the hungry will we really be open to redemption.

Religious Catharsis

Modern Jewish life has been largely drained of the drama and emotional release available in ancient times. Is there a way to recapture it?

God’s Presence and Absence

Visiting with those in dire need, God's presence never felt more present — or absent.