Our Tender Yearning Heart

We haven’t yet awoken to the part of us that, through calamity and catastrophe, remains open and ever full of love.

A Heart of Flesh

When images of horror flash across our screens hourly, how many generations will it take to heal?

The Ancestors Echoing Within Us

As Jews, we carry within us residues of traumas we may ourselves have never experienced.

On Hanukkah and War

Jewish tradition is deeply torn, and even contradictory, in its thinking about war.

The Two Miracles of Hanukkah

Ancient scriptures tell two very different stories about why we celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Struggling With Our Shadow 

At this moment of intensifying violence, the Torah offers an insight into how we might open a path towards peace.

Reconcilable Truths

It is possible to hold both the deep pain of this moment and a sense of gratitude for the blessings that surround us.

Seeing in the Dark

Could it be that in our yearning for light, we fail to recognize the gifts of darkness?

In the Ruins

When we find ourselves in a place of brokenness, we must remember to get out. And also to stay.

Reckoning — Not Revenge

Are there stories in the Jewish canon that shed light on how to reckon with evil without losing one's moral foundation?