The Hidden Meaning of Karpas

The green vegetable dipped in saltwater at the seder alludes to the very beginning of the Israelites' slavery saga.

Descending and Ascending

Joseph's fall and rise teaches us that the last chapter of our story remains to be written.

Blessing Our Daughters

Why did Jacob not bless his daughters before he died?

The Story of Joseph

All about the famous biblical dreamer who inspired a musical.

They Remained Silent

No one ever told Jacob that his son Joseph was still alive.

Serah, Daughter of Asher

How the Midrash interprets Serah's role in Israelite history.

Self-Interest and Solidarity

There are many motivators for fighting injustice.

Parashat Vayechi Quiz

Test your knowledge of this Torah portion.

Eating Holy Food in a Holy Way

What can we do with knowledge of the sources of our food?