Jewish Lifecycle

Wedding Rituals for Parents

Experiencing a child's wedding from a parent's perspective.

How to Plan a Jewish Funeral

A practical guide to preparations for Jewish burial and mourning.

Spirituality & the Elderly: A Jewish Perspective

How can we age like Abraham and Sarah?

Double Ring Ceremonies

How the bride can give the groom a ring without halakhic (Jewish law) problems.

Toward a More Balanced Wedding Ceremony

Envisioning ceremonies that respect modern gender roles and adhere strictly to tradition.

Chai Ceremony

A new Jewish ritual for sending young people off to college.

The Mourner During Aninut

The earliest phase of mourning, aninut, which occurs between death and burial, applies to immediate family members.

Development and History of Kaddish

The Kaddish originated as an expression of praise to God following a learned discourse.

Special Issues in Mourning

The Jewish tradition explains how converts are to mourn, whether a wedding should be postponed and the kohen's delimited relationship to the dead.

Role of the Shiva Minyan

The daily prayer services in the mourner's home offer community and connection to those facing devastating loss.