Jewish Lifecycle

What Do Lifecycle Celebrations Do?

Jewish lifecycle ceremonies celebrate change, and sanctify the ordinary.

Themes in Jewish Lifecycle Events

Overview of various themes in Jewish lifecycle.

About Jewish Lifecycle

About Jewish Lifecycle. Jewish Ceremonies and Rituals.

Why Do We Have Lifecycle Rituals?

Overview of why Jewish ritual and what it does.

A History of Brit Milah

Shifting views and philosophies about the Jewish practice of circumcising baby boys on the eighth day of life.

A Historical View of Pidyon HaBen

From biblical to contemporary times, how Jews have practiced this ceremony of redemption of the first-born.

Some Meanings of Brit Milah

The message to the one who is circumcised: The covenant involves pain and sacrifice as well as honor and sanctity. And it is part of who you are, branded into your flesh at birth.

Contemporary Issues in Lifecycle Ritual

Contemporary feminism has been, arguably, the primary influence upon the recent flourishing of new rituals and the transformation of older ones. On the other hand, for traditionalist Jews, the development of new approaches to ritual can be highly problema