Jewish Community

Lillian Wald

Public health activist and champion of minority rights.

Ray Frank

"Latter-day Deborah" challenged the traditional role of Jewish women.

Jerusalem Contested

The Holy City changed hands many times before the War of Independence.

The Bar Kochba Revolt

Messianic figure Simeon Bar Kochba led the Jews in a failed revolt against Roman rule.

Moses Sofer

Austro-Hungarian rabbi who fought against the influence of Reform.

Betty Friedan

An Appreciation.

Bella Abzug

The Jewish congresswoman was a champion of women's rights, human rights, equality, peace, and social justice.

Jewish Feminist Leaders

What drove Jewish women into the feminist movement?

Blacks and Jews Entangled

The complicated history of Black-Jewish relations in America.

Postcards From the Dreyfus Affair

Opinions about Alfred Dreyfus--and modern anti-Semitism--were expressed through the new print media of the day.