True Righteousness

A Holocaust rescue story sheds light on a curious verse from the Prophets.

Balaam the Prophet

The infamous story of the prophet with the talking donkey demonstrates the Bible's awareness that powers of divination were not limited to Israelite seers.

The ‘Worst’ Torah Portion

Worlds are created -- and destroyed -- through words.

Open Your Eyes

The prophet Balaam's curse, which becomes a blessing, is a reflection of the relationship between God and the Israelites.

Haftarah for Balak

God tells the people of Israel what He really wants.

The Gift of Speech

What Balaam's donkey and under-represented minorities have in common.

No and Maybe

We cannot slip into loopholes and forego responsibility.

The Nature of Balaam’s Prophecy

How to learn from biblical nature imagery.

Balaam and Balak

The curse that did not happen.

The Pinchas Problem

Not everyone is happy with Pinchas' action and its reward.