Havinenu: A Shortened Version of the Amidah

When and why Jews say an abbreviated Amidah. Full text and translation of Havinenu included.

S’lach Lanu: An Everyday Prayer for Forgiveness

There is a crucial difference between feeling ashamed of our shortcomings and feeling shame about our unworthiness.

Praying for a Rebuilt and Redeemed Jerusalem

The 14th and 15th blessings of the Amidah pose some difficult theological questions.

What is Musaf?

This "additional" service is recited on Shabbat, major Jewish holidays and on Rosh Chodesh.

Re’eh: Seeking Divine Compassion in Times of Suffering

The seventh blessing of the Amidah asks God to see our suffering and redeem us from it.

Full Text of Modim

The Modim prayer, part of the Amidah, in Hebrew, English and transliteration.

Modim: A Prayer for Acceptance

This section of the Amidah is understood as one of thanks, but that's not the only way to read it.

Penitence and Prayer in the Amidah

Two blessings said every day invoke the High Holiday mood of returning to God.

V’ayrasteech Lee: Binding Ourselves to God

These verses from Hosea describe the bond between God and the Jewish people as akin to the one between husband and wife.

Why We Start the Amidah By Blessing the Patriarchs

Opening this primary prayer by invoking our ancestors emphasizes that our relationships with our parents is a model for our relationship with God.