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What To Serve With Latkes This Hanukkah

13 delicious ideas, from classic brisket to a festive breakfast.

For many Jews, eating potato latkes on Hanukkah is non-negotiable, whether store-bought or made from scratch. But what should we be eating with them?

I’m not talking about the old applesauce vs. sour cream debate (I’m team neither), or about nibbling on a latke while holding a glass of bubbly at a chic Hanukkah soiree (I’m team exhausted mom in bed by 9). I’m talking about practical, everyday stuff: How can latkes be incorporated into a balanced, filling, seasonal meal that won’t leave you nauseous? 

The answer was harder to find than I’d anticipated; most people I asked were similarly stumped.

After much contemplation, research and a deep-dive into The Nosher’s Hanukkah archives, here are 13 ways to turn latkes into a complete meal — from the centerpiece of a festive breakfast to a side dish alongside classic brisket.

1. Crockpot Sweet and Sour Brisket

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Throw this together in the morning before work and let the promise of a hearty dinner get you through your day. Make sure to let the flavorful gravy soak into your latkes.

2. French Onion Brisket

Photo credit Matt Taylor-Gross

Drawing inspiration from French onion soup, this modern twist on a classic braised brisket is even better when it’s made a day ahead. Serve with your favorite steamed veg. 

3. Juicy Instant Pot Brisket

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Tender, sweet-and-savory brisket that’s ready in two hours. The best use for your Instant Pot.

4. Perfect Roast Chicken

All the secrets, straight from a bubbe’s mouth. 

5. Quick Skillet Roast Chicken 

Photo credit Matt Taylor-Gross

An easy one-skillet chicken for the soul, complete with veggies. Let the latkes soak up all the schmaltzy pan drippings.

6. Za’atar Fried Chicken with Spicy Thyme Honey

Photo credit Chaya Rapaport

Why not go all in and match fried with fried? Hanukkah fare doesn’t get much better than this herby, succulent, shatteringly crisp fried chicken.

7. Roast Goose 

Hear me out! Decadent, golden roast goose is a long-forgotten Hanukkah tradition from the Middle Ages, but the flavors more than hold up today. 

8. Israeli-Style Turkey Pastrami

Salty, sweet, spiced and ready in a flash. Serve warm, sliced, with mustard and a salad. I recommend this mayo-free Russian health salad for optimal crunch.

9. Latke Deli Sandwiches

Photo credit Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen

Sub the rye bread in your favorite deli sandwich for two latkes for the ultimate Hanukkah treat. Warning: not for the fainthearted.

10. Latke Hotdish

Photo credit Molly Yeh

A twist on the beloved casserole from the Upper Midwest, this hotdish is topped with mini latkes instead of tater tots. Filled with brisket and a whole load of veg, this is a great way to feed a crowd.

11. Everything Bagel Latkes

Photo credit Sonya Sanford

Aka breakfast latkes. You can’t go wrong with topping your latkes with dill-y, lemony cream cheese, lox and everything bagel seasoning. Poached egg optional, but encouraged.

12. Latke Poutine

Inspired by New York’s Mile End Deli circa 2017, top your latkes with cheese curds and gravy a la classic Canadian poutine. The real miracle of Hanukkah.

13. Latke Board

Photo credit Lauren Solo

A festive take on hot girl dinner (or post-school snack time), this board proves that it only takes a few store-bought additions to turn latkes into an entire meal.

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