9 Latke Recipes That Don’t Use Potatoes

Plantain, cauliflower and and ramen are all viable substitutes for the tried-and-true spud.

From the beginning, latkes were always open to interpretation. Need proof? In Yiddish, the definition of latke is ‘little oily thing,’ which widens up our latke schema considerably.

In fact, it wasn’t until the late 1500s that potatoes arrived in Europe from South America. Thus, the history of creative, non-potato latkes recipes runs deep. So if you’re interested in latkes but you can’t stomach any more Yukon Gold, just grate some beets, cauliflower, or carrots, or fry up some cheese!

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Plantain latkes with avocado crema (above)

Indian-spiced cauliflower latkes with cilantro chutney

Broccoli stem latkes

Ramen latkes with Sriracha mayo

Cheese latkes

Colorful veggie latkes

Gingered sweet potato latkes

Curried sweet potato latkes

Healthy spinach latkes

Keep on Noshing

Ramen Latkes with Sriracha Mayo

The perfect way to use leftover noodles.

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