Restore Yourself

A few months ago I realized I hadn’t been myself for a long time. I’d been under a lot of stress ...

The Conversation we might need to have this Rosh Hashanah is with ourselves

It was a powerful evening in which several people took the opportunity while we sat around as loving witnesses.

What I Learned From Test-Driving A Tesla

I would much rather hop in a carpool or take public transportation than drive a car myself.

Laying the Ground Work for Repentance One Day: Teshuvah and #MeToo

Real forgiveness is not only between perpetrator and victim, but on all of us to create a new system where none of what has occurred may ever ever ever occur again. 

Raising the Voice of Our Souls

Hopes and prayers for Yom Kippur 5778.

A New Year’s Resolution to Be Proud Of (That You Actually Can Keep!)

Rosh Hashanah is a time for many things. Reflection. Spiritual rejuvenation. Eating large meals with family and friends. And making ...

Elul-Leigh County Women

“I don’t want your Paradise, I don’t want your World to Come, I want only You—You alone.” —Rabbi Schneur Zalman ...

There’s No Such Thing as Closure

There is a relationship in my life that has gnawed at my heartstrings for more than twenty years, and each ...

Gratitude and Forgiving the Unforgivable

A while back I suggested a unique way of doing the chesbon nefesh (soul’s accounting) we are expected to do ...

The One Thing You Should Do the Day Before You Die

The Talmud says that on the day before we die, we should be sure to do “teshuva”—turning your awareness to ...