social justice

The World is Both Big and Small

Lessons in community from the pandemic year

Say Her Name, Say All Their Names

Jewish tradition recognizes the importance of remembering names, and speaking them aloud

Mission at the Mexico-US Border

Human beings have devised many rules of three. Perhaps we are physically programmed to create these rules because our bodily ...

What Will You Add To Your Seder Plate?

Passover reminds us to honor freedom - and the ongoing struggle against oppression

Showing Up, Then And Now: What Does Social Jewish Justice Look Like?

Believe me, we younger activists are engaged (it just looks different).

Summertime Social Justice

Before school's back, use some staycation time for tikkun olam

When Is Something Not A Jewish Issue?

Jewish organizations, along with other faith-based and secular social justice organizations, have been ablaze with statements and action alerts during ...

Real Religious Pluralism

Here on the west coast of Canada we live in a chain of port cities. People from all over the world ...

The Torah of the Stateless and the Marginalized

What does it mean to be part of a social change movement?I recently was privileged to learn first-hand one way ...