The Seder Plate

The placement and symbolism of the items on the seder plate.

The Downtown Seder

Last night was a culmination of good fortune, good luck, and — as always — my wife running late. The ...

A Dog at the Seder

As a child, the great Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas noticed that dogs appear in Torah at a crucial moment. On ...

Seder Scenes

Several customs offer ways to dramatize parts of the Passover seder.

Dairy Seder

After the fullness and bloated-ness of eating an entire piece of matzah in one sitting, the way we do during ...

Altering the Mind to See More Clearly

What Jewish mysticism can teach us about psychedelics.

A Seder for Israel?

You’ve heard of a Passover Seder and maybe a Tu B’shevat Seder. How about an “Israel Seder“?The idea of a seder (“order”), ...

Hallel at the Seder

How does Hallel connect to Passover?

The Jewish History of America’s Favorite Crackers

How Ritz and animal crackers grew to prominence in America.

Supplementary Seder Readings

Remembering the oppressed--and others in need--at the seder