Parashat Vayechi

Haftarah for Vayechi

David's parting words to his son Solomon.

Parashat Vayechi Quiz

Test your knowledge of this Torah portion.

Eating Holy Food in a Holy Way

What can we do with knowledge of the sources of our food?

Jacob’s Diverse Family

Jacob found it in his heart to embrace all his children, though they chose different paths.

Two Sufferings That Are One

Exile and suffering are only too present in contemporary society.

Why Bondage?

An exploration of why the Children of Israel were destined to be slaves to Pharaoh

Fears, Lies, But No Videotape

Jacob's death provokes the latent fear in Joseph's brothers that Joseph bears a grudge against them and the desire to make peace with him.

Seeing The Bigger Picture

Joseph reminds us that our perspective of reality is limited compared to the ultimate meaning that God perceives.

Exile–The Absence Of Jewish Context

The descent into Egypt and Jacob's death left his family in an alien culture, forced to find a context for their traditions within themselves.

All In The Family

Jacob's decision to bless each of his sons individually highlights the need to balance unity with diversity.