Parashat Toldot

Haftarah for Toldot

God's expectations for the Israelites and the priests.

Parashat Toldot Quiz

My Jewish Learning:Toldot: Pardes 5769

All Over Again

In this portion, children fall into the unfortunate trap of repeating their parents' mistakes.

Change is Possible

The younger son and the enslaved people need not stay downtrodden forever.

Digging Wells, Conserving Water

Now is the time for the Jewish people to respond to regional and global concerns about water scarcity.

Did Esau Have ADD/ADHD?

It is important to see the value in Esau as well as Jacob.

John Wayne Meets Jacob

Jacob inspires us to overcome our Esau-like desires for instant gratification and physical power.

(Un)Conditional Love

Isaac and Rebecca provide us with two models of parenting--love dependent on a specific interaction and love that is unconditional.

Isaac and Rebecca’s Dysfunctional Family

In their relationships with each other, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, and Esau, struggle between models of unity and connection and separation and deceit.

Parashat Toldot: Summary

With video commentary from BimBam.