Parashat Toldot

Parashat Toldot: Digging Deeply Into Life

The story of Isaac reminds us that we can flow again into the stream of life.

Rebecca and Isaac’s Guide to Raising Twins (Not)

What can we learn from one of the Torah’s most dysfunctional families?

One Jew, Two Opinions

Did Rebecca have to do wrong in order to do right?

Breaking the Cycle of Deceit

Before the deceit follows us with serious consequences, we must figure out how to call a truce.

Waiting for the Cookie to Cool

There are many experiences in life that are well worth waiting for.

When Siblings Fight

Toldot: A resource for families.

Toldot and Alternative Families

Rebecca's question continues to bedevil Jewish adults who hope to parent.

The Work Was Unfinished

Isaac experiences frustration when he discovers many of his father's accomplishments were not fully realized.

Challah for Parashat Toldot

Jacob and Esau in the womb.

Manipulating Food Supply to Gain Power

What we can learn from Jacob's food politics.