Parashat Lech-Lecha

Haftarah for Lech-Lecha

God has not abandoned His people.

For Your Own Good

Abraham's journey was for his own spiritual well-being.

The First Jewish Environmentalist

Abram models interpersonal and environmental harmony.

Shield of Abraham

Gleaning great meaning from the single word this portion gave to Jewish liturgy.

What Covenant Means

God and Abram's covenant between the pieces raises issues of conditionality and obligation still relevant today.

Parashat Lech-Lecha: Summary

Abram and Sarai follow God's call to journey to Canaan, where the covenant between God and Abraham is affirmed.

Smashing Jewish Idols

Like Abraham, who introduced a new model for relating to God and humankind, we continue to integrate social justice into religious practice.

Recognizing The Heir

Sarah's protection of Isaac and family challenge us to strengthen our families, making them the cornerstones of the covenantal community.

Go From Your Land

Before we embark on our journeys in life, we should go to ourselves and reflect.

A Model of Unconditional Love

Abram provides us with a model for loving God and people for their own sake and not for any manifestation of that love.