Science and Ecology

First Fruits (Bikkurim)

There are many things we can do to create local culture that links God, land, and people.

Compassion That Can Bring Messiah

It all begins with how we treat animals.

Guard Yourselves Very Well

The Torah requires us to eat and live healthfully and responsibly.

Belonging To the Land

An obligation of responsibility for this generation and the next.

Lessons for Regional Planning

The biblical "migrash" principle provides a response to urban sprawl.

The Blessing of Rain

We must pray for beneficial rain, and then follow through with environmental action.

We Are All God’s Creatures

One of the Torah's central insights is its effort to minimize human ownership.

The Mitzvah of Shmita

The concept of the sabbatical year reveals the awesome splendor of God's earth.

Our Relationship to Other Creatures

There are real actions we can take to preserve species diversity.

An Abundance of Fish

We do not have the right to drive fish to extinction.

God Is In The Details

The Torah teaches us to think globally and act locally.