Jewish Culture


A recipe for triangular Purim cookies

Rahel the Poetess

Rahel's poetry expounded on the beauty of the land of Israel--but it was a tragedy in space that gave one of her poems renewed attention.

Philip Roth

A review of the Jewish satirist's long career in fiction.

Novelists in the Nineties

In the 1970s, literary critics predicted the demise of the Jewish American novel. A talented group of novelists proved them wrong.

The Pioneers of Modern Hebrew Literature

Writing Hebrew literature in the 19th century was no simple matter, and those who did were the elite of the elite.

Modern Hebrew Literature: Early Challenges

The pioneers of modern Hebrew literature took a cumbersome, unspoken language and created a vibrant literary tradition.

Hebew Literature: Early Themes

Leaving the world of the shtetl for an alluring modern culture is the primary theme of early modern Hebrew literature.

Hebrew Literature

Overview Hebrew Literature. Jewish American Literature. Modern Hebrew Literature. Israeli Literature.

Jewish American Poetry

Is there something uniquely Jewish about the poetry of Jewish Americans?

Bernard Malamud

A writer who used the Jew as a metaphor for humankind.

Grace Paley, 1922-2007

Jewish socialism influenced Grace Paley's life and literature.

Saul Bellow

The most successful Jewish American writer may be the most ambivalent as well.