Jewish Culture

The Jewish Short Story Today: Marginalization, Immigration, Alie

Though neglected by the mainstream, the Jewish short story is alive and well.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Jonathan Safran Foer's 9/11 novel explores the dialectic between absence and presence.

Tobi Kahn

Seeing & ceremony.

The Targets of Jewish Humor

The recurring characters and subjects of Jewish humor leave no part of the Jewish world unscathed.

Wit, Wisdom, Humor

Talmudic reasoning & love of learning pervade Jewish humor.

20th Century Jewish Humor

Modern humor for a modern world.

19th-Century Jewish Humor

More than just laughing through the tears.

The Shlemiel of Chelm and Other Yiddish Characters

Where the lovable fools of Jewish humor came from--and what they mean.

Future of Jewish Humor

Can Jewish-American humor survive the assimilationist 21st century?

The Jew in Western Wit and Humor

What humor says about the Jews' place in society

Jewish Sketch Comedy & Stand-Up

1970s & '80s stand-up & sketch comedy: Seinfeld's start, Andy Kaufman, Saturday Night Live