Jews & Non-Jews

Antisemitism & Bigotry

Antisemitism 101

What you need to know about the world's oldest hatred.

Jews & Non-Jews

Jewish-Christian Relations Today

Though Jews and Christians have had a complicated and tense relationship, relations today are better than ever.

Are Jews the Chosen People?

And what does chosenness mean anyway?

Who Are Messianic “Jews”?

These Christians observe some Jewish practices, but the major Jewish denominations do not recognize their faith as a form of Judaism.

Who Killed Jesus?

From the Gospels to Nostra Aetate, how Jews were accused of deicide.

Jews and Christmas

What attitudes toward Christmas tell us about modern Jewish identity.

The December Dilemma

Whether you ignore Christmas altogether or celebrate it with non-Jewish friends or family, the holiday provokes a lot of emotions.

Traditional Views of Jewish Chosenness

The Bible implies that God's choice of the Jews was random; later traditions made the Jews seem deserving of this privilege.

Should You Sell Your Pet Before Passover?

Who knew pets had anything to do with preparation for the holiday?

Should Jews Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

How kosher is this romantic day that is named for a Christian saint?

What Eastern European Jews Did on Christmas

A day to play games and avoid Torah study.

Judaism and the Other

The various ways Jewish law distinguishes between Jews and gentiles.

How Much Jesus Is Too Much Jesus?

What is it about Jesus that is sometimes just too much for us Jews?

Ask the Expert: Proselytism

Why don't Jews seek converts?